Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Time to Get Gunning

Title Challengers

Tomorrow's the big day.  Arsenal officially begin their season with a home game against a Pulis-less Crystal Palace, and I couldn't be more excited.  Even having a summer lull filled with some decent World Cup play, the real highlight has been our new signings, our decent preseason form (topped off with a 3-0 win over City), and the retention of that oh-so awesome-winning- feeling given to us by our FA Cup victory.  It's finally time folks.  It's time for Arsenal to go atop once more.  Most would have us challenging for only third but, there is actually one pundit that seems to share the optimism:

There are still, of course, some worries.  We need a center back for sure.  Koz and the ever-supple Mertesacker cannot play 50+ games.  And Cutie Calum may be talented enough to cover at three positions, but we don't want a Phil Jones master-of-no positions on our hands.  My one overwhelming wish is that we get ourselves a central defender pronto.  And according to Phillipe Auclaire on today's Arsecast, the search and inquiries into that CD are serious, and expectations are that we are going to get our man/men.

So tomorrow launches the beginning of what I suspect will be a pivotal year for the club and some of the players.  Arsenal have come out from under the shadow of stadium debt, are now fully flush and able to spend (still responsibly, mind you) in the  market place for that oh,just so right player.  Aaron Ramsey has carried on where he left off after scoring the winner in the FA Cup.  Jack Wilshere looks healthy and ready to take that leap forward in his development, and Sanchez is scaring the ever-loving crapolla out of defenders with a cheekiness that belies his good looks.  I don't know when Ozil will be fit to play (I doubt it will be against Crystal), but I can't wait for him to feed Alexis the perfect pass off a perfect run.  Plus, we have the unpredictability of our favorite baby giraffe..aka throw off the most seasoned of defenders. Throw in some Santi creativity, maybe some Ox-like directness, and add a dash of Theo in September, and there you have it.   

Yea.  I think it's going to be a fun season.

So grab your cannons and hang on tight.  The new season begins in 14 hours against the Eagles on our beautiful home turf.  Let's go you rip roaring Reds.  Let's go.

Have a good one Gooners.

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